Student health insurance program

The student health insurance program offers a comprehensive health insurance package for VCU students through our partners, United Health Care.

All full-time Ph.D. students, first professional students (D.D.S., M.D., Pharm.D.) and international students (those on F- and J-visas) are eligible for the student health insurance program. A hard waiver will apply for these student populations, meaning that they will be required to enroll in the program if they are unable to provide proof of other insurance.

Enroll or opt out of the plan 

The open enrollment period for academic year 2023-2024 will run from December 15, 2023 through January 30, 2024.

Please contact your respective eligibility coordinator if you have any questions.

Student Population Enrollment
First professional students (D.D.S., M.D., Pharm.D.) Must enroll full-time to access portal
Full-time Ph.D. students Must enroll in a minimum of 9 credits to access portal

International undergraduate, master's student, or Ph.D.

(those on F- and J-visas)

Important: Any international individual enrolled in a class or classes at VCU is considered a student and is subject to the health insurance premium based on tuition and fees assessment rules

Must enroll in 1-15 credits to access portal

Access Open Enrollment Portal »

The portal updates overnight so changes to your enrollment may not show until 48 hours after enrollment changes. Part-time (1-8 credits) domestic doctoral students are not required to enroll in the VCU Student Health Insurance program.

Step-by-step tutorials

Plan benefits

The following documents provide information about the benefits contained within VCU's health care package:

These documents, as well as key points of the information contained within, can also be found on our Plan Benefits webpage and United Health Care's VCU webpage.

Resources for students enrolled in the plan

Once you have enrolled in the plan, you can print ID cards, find providers and pharmacies, and more by visiting United Health Care's VCU webpage:

Go to United Health Care's VCU webpage »

Who to contact

For questions about the student health insurance program, please contact your respective eligibility coordinator listed below:

Student group Eligibility coordinator Email
Ph.D. students Melissa Tyler
D.D.S students Shane Castro
Pharm.D. students Tori Keel
M.D. students Amanda Ray Ennis
Undergraduate, master's and part-time Ph.D. international students
(Note: full-time Ph.D. international students should contact
Global Education Office