Spring 2021

This webpage serves as a quick guide to important activities, dates, initiatives, and contacts that will help you navigate this semester at VCU. For information related to the university’s response to COVID-19, visit One VCU: Responsible Together.

Latest news

  • All classes will begin virtually, except in instances where a student is involved in clinical and field placements, practica, co-ops, internships and other work-related experiential learning activities. This means that previously planned in-person classes and the in-person component of hybrid (blended) courses also will take place virtually. Read the president's announcement »
  • We will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and, if circumstances allow, we hope to start on-campus instruction on or before March 8.
  • Faculty who are concerned about disruptions related to transitioning a course from virtual to face-to-face may request a course modality change in the Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes through the appropriate dean's office. Deans will share the process and deadline with their faculty this week and will submit all requests to the Office of Records and Registration.
  • The Health and Safety Acknowledgement form for off-campus academic activities has been updated for spring 2021 and is required for students participating in off-campus, non-clinical academic activities.
  • Temporary academic regulation: Student absence due to COVID-19
  • A permanent pass/fail grade option policy went into effect in fall 2020
  • See additional university-wide updates at the Responsible Together website

Provide timely feedback for undergraduate students

Our students have varying needs. While some students may thrive in a hybrid or online course, others may find those modalities more challenging. To provide ample opportunities for students to improve their grades or, if needed, take advantage of the pass/fail grading option, timely feedback is essential.

VCU provides two methods to help faculty set and reinforce high academic expectations in their undergraduate classes by providing timely feedback to students regarding their academic performance: progress reports and midterm grades.

  • Progress reports are due between Feb. 8 and Feb. 28
  • Midterm grades are due between Feb. 15 and March 19

If you have any questions, please contact navigate@vcu.edu.

Stay informed