Mellon Research Fellows projects

In August 2021, a group of Pathways Program students from John Tyler and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community Colleges began year-long research projects in the humanities and arts under the mentorship of a community college faculty member and a VCU faculty connection as part of the Mellon Research Fellows program.

Through weekly meetings with their mentors and peers, attendance at monthly symposia, and many hours of reading, interviewing, reflection, writing and learning, our Mellon Research Fellows have produced seventeen thoughtful, unique and creative final projects, which can be explored below. Most of these Mellon Research Fellows will be transferring to VCU in the upcoming academic year.

To learn more about our students and their projects, select their respective link below. To see last year's projects, visit our 2021 Mellon Research Fellows page.

Faculty connections

Each Mellon Research Fellow worked with both a faculty mentor at the community college and a faculty connection at VCU. The VCU faculty connections not only provided feedback on students’ projects in the spring, but also discussed students’ goals, academic and professional aspirations, and VCU opportunities.

The VCU faculty connections can be found below. Further information about the role of the VCU faculty connections can be found in this 2021 blog post from VCU's Department of Focused Inquiry.

  • Stephanie Rizzi
  • Kristin Reed
  • Meriah Crawford
  • Tara Burke
  • Thad Fortney
  • Courtney Sviatko
  • Amber Pearson
  • Beth Kreydatus
  • Nadia Inserra
  • Kiara Lee-Hart
  • Katie Logan
  • Josh Galligan
  • Nicole Anderson Ellis
  • Christian Horlick
  • Mary Lou Hall
  • Frank Cha
  • Lindsay Chudzik

Previous cohorts

To see projects from previous Mellon Research Fellows cohorts, select a link below: