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Who to contact

Need help in a specific area? The point of contacts listed below should help get you started. (To see a more comprehensive list of personnel across all provost areas, please visit our directory page.)

Accreditation in general
Deborah Noble-Triplett, nobletriplett@vcu.edu

Scott Oates, sfoates@vcu.edu

Bulletin questions/information

Faculty development
Tim Davey, tdavey@vcu.edu

Faculty events
Jenn Arce, jmarce@vcu.edu

Faculty searches and hiring
Tim Davey, tdavey@vcu.edu

New degree program proposals, modification of existing programs, technical changes (such as a department or school name change)

Promotion and tenure
Gypsy Denzine, gmdenzine@vcu.edu

REAL experiential learning initiative

SACSCOC fifth-year report

Undergraduate research
Herb Hill, hhill@vcu.edu