Adjunct faculty resources

Part-time adjunct instructors are valued and integral members of the VCU community. The Office of the Provost is committed to providing resources to support their exceptional service. Our goal is to furnish general employment resources, instructional support and professional development information to further teaching and learning excellence. We strive to promote a culture that values the unique contributions of each faculty member.

Employee ID
All employees of the university must carry their university ID, called the VCUCard, while on campus. Please visit the VCUCard website for information on how to receive your ID and its services.

In addition to receiving your VCUCard, it is important to make sure you have building access to any facility where you will be teaching or meeting. After hours building access is done by programming your VCUCard. Please contact your respective department for access to classroom and departmental facilities.

Employee email
Your respective department should provide you with the necessary access to email services, but each faculty member, staff member and student at VCU receives a email address, which is the official address for communication and provides a gateway to Google's online services. Please visit for more information.

Military students
Please visit Military Student Services for information about services available to students serving in the military and veterans.

For VCU Police and immediate assistance, please call (804) 828-1234. You may also visit the VCU Police webpage.

For VCU Counseling, please visit the University Counseling Services webpage. University Counseling Services also offers critical training for VCU faculty and staff called “At-Risk.” This valuable training provides faculty with information and techniques for approaching and motivating their students. 

Students with disabilities
Please visit the Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity Office for information about student accommodations or disability-related supports.

Teaching Evaluation
Individual departments manage and define the evaluation protocol and processes for all faculty. Additionally, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence provides opportunities for informal teaching observations and consultations.

VCU Technology Services provides assistance with all technological needs. Technology Services also offers consultation, orientation and training for teaching with Blackboard and other teaching tools. ALT Lab offers weekly workshops for online teaching. The ALT Lab also offers consultations for technologically enhanced active learning.

Title IX
All VCU faculty members are considered responsible employees and required to know and adhere by the Sexual Misconduct/Violence and Sex/Gender Discrimination policy. Faculty members are also required to undergo mandatory Title IX training. Please visit the Equity and Access Services website for more information on the policy, reporting incidents, resources and process.

Banner Access
Banner is the classroom management and administration software for VCU faculty to obtain class rosters, submit midterm and final grades, review faculty schedules, and look up additional student information. Your respective department will grant you access to it. Accessing Banner is done through eServices under the “Faculty Services” tab.

Canvas is the classroom management and administration software for VCU faculty and students. Through Canvas, you will be able to post course documents and materials, initiate discussion threads, accept course assignments, and post assignment grades. Your respective department will grant you access to it. Please visit VCU Learning Systems for help and tips.

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE)
The VCU Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) offers a variety of resources for faculty and staff to use in order to further their teaching development. 

For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, please visit VCU Records and Registration or the VCU Bulletin.

Information regarding grades and grading at VCU may be found in the VCU Bulletin. Additionally, grades are submitted through Banner, where faculty will also find student rosters, information and other valuable resources.

Library services
The VCU Library offers many valuable resources and services for faculty which may be used for instruction or research. Please visit their webpage for a full listing and description of their services.

Textbooks and desk copies
The official VCU policy regarding textbooks may be found at the VCU Policy Library website.

Student Services
The VCU Division of Strategic Enrollment provides the Student Services Center, where students may find information on student accounting, financial aid, and other services regarding their enrollment with the university. More information may be found at the VCU Student Services Center website.

Syllabus information
Required syllabus statements and templates are available each semester.

Adjunct faculty members may access and enjoy a variety of higher education journals and periodicals through the VCU Library. Keeping abreast of trends and studies on higher education teaching and learning provides valuable insights to classroom instruction.

There are variety of teaching conferences available for every faculty type. We encourage our adjunct faculty to consider and attend this conferences to enhance their professional development. Below are several websites with up-to-date information about upcoming teaching conferences.

Kennesaw State
Inside Higher Ed

VCU Technology Services Workshops
VoiceThread Workshops
General Resources

The VCU ALT Lab, The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and VCU Technology Services provide a variety of workshops. Attending workshops enables instructional faculty to integrate new pedagogical and technological techniques in the classroom to facilitate and enhance learning. Detailed below are the current offerings available to members of our faculty.