Faculty FAQ - Spring 2022

Last updated: Jan. 10, 2022

Below, you can find answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about the spring 2022 semester. Don't see what you're looking for? Email us at provost@vcu.edu.

An extensive list of public health measures, including isolation and quarantine, is on the One VCU: Better Together website.

If a student volunteers this information to you, you should encourage them to call 804-MYCOVID to connect with University Student Health Services for further instructions. This information should not be shared with others in the class. Contact tracers will notify anyone who has been exposed: see the One VCU: Better Together Reporting Process page for more information.

VCU’s regular attendance policy, as listed in the VCU Bulletin, applies for all students. The temporary academic regulation pertaining to student absences due to COVID put in place last academic year is no longer in effect.

This is at the discretion of the faculty. However, faculty are strongly encouraged to record their lectures, either with full video (preferred) or audio only. Newly updated resources from Technology Services are on the Faculty One-Stop.

As in any semester, if a faculty member teaching an in-person class is unable to be present for any reason, they should have a colleague cover for them or seek permission from their department chair/dean to teach online for a limited number of class meetings.

Faculty members are welcome to rearrange their classroom during their class time but they must reset the classroom to its original configuration immediately after each class. Faculty are strongly discouraged from removing chairs, desks, white boards etc., from classrooms as multiple class sections are using these spaces.

First, privately share with the student that you very much want them to attend class. You do not want them to miss the important content covered in your class. Remind them that masks are a university requirement and there are multiple places on campus where they can get a free mask.

However, if the student is repeatedly ignoring university requirements, you should submit an incident reporting form to the Dean of Students Office. This form notifies them of student issues including concerning behaviors, violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or university policies, student organization misconduct, and academic integrity violations.

Faculty are expected to teach their course(s) in the originally scheduled modality.

Some faculty may find that even when quarantined they can still teach their course remotely. As is always the case, faculty members should notify their department chair/supervisor if they need to miss class for any reason. It is always helpful if faculty have a recommendation for their department chair on an appropriate backup instructor if that becomes necessary.

Faculty will not know which students in their classes have or have not been vaccinated; some students have received exemptions while others may still be in the process of satisfying the booster requirement.

No. Faculty cannot ask students about their vaccination status.

University officials should instruct students training at sites with a vaccine requirement to provide requested records directly to the site. Some students may comply with the university's requirement by obtaining an exemption. If a student is excluded from a training site for failure to produce documentation, then the university official should advise the student of the university's process for requesting reasonable accommodation as set forth in the policy on Preventing and Responding to Discrimination. Reasonable accommodation may include identifying a comparable educational experience for the student.

The vaccine and booster requirement for students is managed by VCU Student Health Services for all students throughout the university. The employee vaccine and booster requirement is managed by VCU Employee Health.

While all faculty, staff and students are required to wear masks indoors, occasionally someone will forget to bring their mask to class. If that happens, faculty should allow the student to retrieve their mask or go to one of the COVID-19 supply vending machines on campus and return with a mask.

If a student refuses to wear a mask, faculty may ask that student to leave the classroom.

The university maintains several COVID-19 supplies vending machines. Students and employees can use their VCU ID to obtain hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and face coverings free of charge from vending machines located throughout campus. Individuals are allotted one swipe per item every 30 days.

Monroe Park Campus locations:

  • Bowe Street Parking Deck, 1st floor, elevator lobby
  • Snead Hall, East Hall, center lobby across from the security desk
  • T. Edward Temple Building, auditorium wing across from the atrium entrance, between Rooms 1160 and 1165
  • James Branch Cabell Library, 1st floor, center of building, near the copy machines
  • Student Commons, 1st floor, near Suite 104

MCV Campus locations:

  • Larrick Student Center, right of Starbucks
  • Health Sciences Library, 1st floor, left of main entrance in the vending area
  • VCU Health Sciences Research Building Hall and Annex, 1st floor, lobby
  • McGlothlin Medical Education Center, 1st floor, across from the elevators (two vending machines)
  • Hunton Student Center, 1st floor, right of the information desk

Anyone who exhibits symptoms or who tests positive for COVID-19 must report it to Student Health Services or Employee Health by calling 1-804-MYCOVID. Student Health Services and Employee Health will provide students and employees (including faculty) with instructions for isolation/quarantine and testing. They will then notify VCU Facilities Management and leadership in the school/department in order to initiate the closing and cleaning of the classroom(s) and/or workspace(s).

Provide timely feedback for undergraduate students

Our students have varying needs. While some students may thrive in a hybrid or online course, others may find those modalities more challenging. To provide ample opportunities for students to improve their grades or, if needed, take advantage of the pass/fail grading option, timely feedback is essential.

VCU provides two methods to help faculty set and reinforce high academic expectations in their undergraduate classes by providing timely feedback to students regarding their academic performance: progress reports and midterm grades.

  • Progress reports are due between Feb. 1 and Feb. 21
  • Midterm grades are due between Feb. 28 and March 18

If you have any questions, please contact navigate@vcu.edu.