The following directory provides a detailed list of key personnel across all areas that fall under the provost's guidance. For a list of who to contact by subject area, please visit our Who to contact page.

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Office leadership directories

Name Title Phone Email address
Fotis Sotiropoulos Provost and senior vice president for academic affairs (804) 828-1345
Melody Harris Executive assistant and projects coordinator (804) 828-1345
Academic administration and operations
William Nelson Senior vice provost for academic administration and operations (804) 828-6361
Pam Hendrix Senior executive assistant for academic operations (804) 828-5948
Whitney Brown HR business partner (804) 828-3824
Tim Davey Vice provost for faculty recruitment (804) 828-5948
Candy Gordon Associate director, financial management (804) 827-2239
Rami Hatoum IT operations administrator (804) 828-8945
Jess Hill Executive director of faculty human resources (804) 828-1484
Tom Myrick Assistant director of strategic communications (804) 828-0574
Maya Rogers Lead financial specialist
Jamie Stillman Director of strategic communications (804) 828-1205
Rebekah Sturtevant HR and fiscal coordinator  (804) 827-0531
Kim Woolf Coordinator of fiscal operations (804) 827-1183
Academic Affairs
Deborah Noble-Triplett Senior vice provost for academic affairs (804) 828-8883
Sandy Morgan Executive assistant to the senior vice provost for academic affairs (804) 828-8883
Andrew Arroyo Assistant vice provost for academic programs and policy (804) 828-2523
Teri Dunnivant Managing editor, University Bulletin (804) 828-3955
  Director of institutional effectiveness    
Katrice Hawthorne Assistant vice provost for institutional effectiveness
Herb Hill Director of undergraduate research and creative inquiry (804) 828-4450
Devin Houston Academic affairs coordinator
Erin Webster Garrett Assistant vice provost for REAL (804) 827-3421
Lisa Yamin Academic affairs coordinator
Faculty Affairs
LaToya Blizzard Senior executive assistant to the senior vice provost of faculty affairs
Tiffany Freitas Program coordinator
William King University ombudsperson (804) 827-4357
Tara Stamm Interim director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Mangala Subramaniam Senior vice provost for faculty affairs (804) 827-3911
Professional Studies

Office website:

Name Title Phone Email address
Jill Blondin Associate vice provost for global initiatives (804) 828-8471
Jessica Abernathy Executive assistant/HR coordinator (804) 828-8471
Paul Babitts Director, immigration services (804) 828-9615
Marci Fradkin Director, global partnerships (804) 828-7853
Moe Greene Director, English language program (804) 828-2551
Stephanie Tignor Director, global learning (804) 827-7882
Nicol Tinsley Manager, communications (804) 828-6463

Office website:

Name Title Phone Email address
Monal Patel Associate vice provost, institutional research and planning support (804) 828-6683
Danielle Fife Executive administrative assistant (804) 827-0029
Janice Baab Senior research analyst (804) 827-7032
Hannah Billings Publications coordinator
Justin Brooks Data engineer
Michael Dooley Institutional research data analyst
Will Evans Research analyst (804) 828-0872
Mike Jones Manager of business intelligence (804) 827-0005
Thomas Matthews Business intelligence developer
Christopher Marcoux Director of analytics (804) 827-0092
Tasfia Pasha Research analyst
Connie Peyton Director of institutional research (804) 827-0932
David Phillips Enterprise data architect (804) 828-2427
Chris Rillstone Research analyst (804) 828-1103
Molly Wright Senior strategic writer (804) 828-7655

VCU Online and Continuing and Professional Education websites: (for students), (for faculty) and

Name Title Phone Email address
Judith Kornberg Interim executive director for VCU Online, AltLab and Continuing and Professional Education 804-828-6786
Becky Aycock Human resources and operations administrator 804-828-1322
Ed Howard Director of operations 804-828-8819
Brianne Jackson Assistant director, professional development & instructor of education 
Yeimarie Lopez Compliance administrator 804-827-5181
Peter Nguyen Associate director of eLearning initiatives 804-467-6333
Molly Ransone Associate director of learning media 804-828-4452
Michael Rawls Financial administrator 804-828-1275
Elaine Reeder Assistant director, curriculum development
Aimee Walters Marketing manager 804-828-5912

Division website:

Name Title Phone Email address
Aaron Hart Vice president for student affairs (804) 828-1244
Jihad Aziz Executive director, University Counseling Services (804) 828-6200
Joslyn Bedell Special Assistant to the Vice President (804) 827-0950
Karen Belanger Director, student conduct and academic integrity (804) 828-1963
Brooke Berry Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (804) 8281526
Jessica Clary Director of Student Media Center (804) 827-1975
Carole Dowell Director, University Student Commons & Activities (804) 828-3261
Curt Erwin Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (804) 828-1244
Jimmie Gahagan Director, Office of Student Leadership and Engaged Learning (804) 827-5323
Shannan Green Director, University Student Health Services (804) 828-8828
Meredith Hawkins Director, Recreation and Well-Being (804) 827-1100
Ijuanzee Isom Director of human resources (804) 828-6978
Yiyun Jie Director, Assessment (804) 828-2751
Myriam Kadeba Director, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (804) 828-6672
Chuck Klink Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (804) 828-1244
Ian Kunkes Director, student accessibility and educational opportunities (804) 828-2253
Matthew Lovisa Director of communications and marketing (804) 828-1424
Michael Miller Director, technology support services (804) 828-8820
Anthony Muscatello Director, development for DSA (804) 828-1702
Gavin Roark Executive director, residential life and housing (804) 828-7666
Reuban Rodriguez Associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students (804) 828-8940
Greg Vaeth Executive director, financial management and technology support services (804) 828-1528
Joe Wheeless Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life (804) 828-4685

Division website: and

Name Title Phone Email address
Tomikia LeGrande Vice president for strategy, enrollment management and student success (804) 827-8737
Ashley Staton Executive assistant (804) 828-1957
Elizabeth Bambacus Student engagement and summer studies adminstrator (804) 827-4586
Norm Bedford Associate vice provost (804) 827-3618
Chimene Boone Director, TRiO (804) 828-9517
Lauren Braun Director, New Student and Family Orientation (804) 828-3700
Roger Butler Director of admissions operations (804) 828-0440
Shena Crittendon Executive director, strategic communications (804) 827-8737
Kelly Coldiron Director, student enrollment experience
Michael Flanigan Associate vice president, strategic initiatives and project management (804) 828-4121
Stephanie Ganser Director of the adult learner experience (804) 828-0118
Elizabeth Gilbert Director of human resources (804) 827-8737
Melanie Goodman Executive director, finance administration (804) 827-8162
Sybil Halloran Senior associate vice provost (804) 828-6125
Bernard Hamm University registrar and director of records and registration (804) 828-7319
Vishon Luck Director of undergraduate admissions (804) 828-1222
Danielle Mitchell Director of student accounting (804) 828-2228
Morgan Obenchain Talent and HR specialist (804) 827-8737
Daphne Rankin Associate vice provost (804) 827-4586
Stephen Ross Director, military student services (804) 828-6563
Kristin Smith Director of enrollment research and evaluation
Evan Udowitch Director, financial aid and scholarships (804) 827-8737
Ka Toya Wagner Director, student financial management (804) 827-8737
Student Success
Maggie Tolan Senior associate vice president, Student Success (804) 827-8151
Gayle McGonigle Administrative coordinator, Student Success (804) 828-1008
Ashlyn Anderson Executive director, University Academic Advising (804) 827-8153
Brian Biggio Assistant director, supplemental instruction (804) 827-0511
Michal Coffey Director, Campus Learning Center (804) 827-8127
Amber Cummings Associate director, discovery and pre-health baccalaureate (804) 827-8166
Steph Dorman Associate director, discovery advising (804) 827-7472
Katherine Drumm Assistant vice president, advising and technologies (804) 828-7156
Megan Hollis Associate director, career advising (STEM) (804) 827-3686
Lauren Jackson Director, FYE and SYE (804) 827-3970
Whitney Lovelady Associate director, Transfer Center (804) 827-8213
Brian McTague Director, Writing Center (804) 827-8122
Danielle Pearles Associate director, employer development (804) 828-2216
Bridget Prince Assistant director, academic coaching (804) 827-8109
Samara Reynolds Director, Career Services (804) 828-1645
Haley Sims Senior associate director, career and industry advising (non-STEM) (804) 828-7299
Seth Sykes Associate vice provost, transfer initiatives and programs (804) 827-8149