Plan details and benefits

The information below outlines a few key highlights of VCU's student health insurance plan. The full details can be found in the full Certificate of Coverage. Your eligibility coordinator can also help answer any questions you may have.

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Rates Annual coverage period
(Aug. 15, 2022 - Aug. 14, 2023)
Student $2,654
Spouse An additional $2,654
One child An additional $2,654
Two or more children An additional $5,308
Spouse AND two or more children An additional $7,962

Additional coverage period options (such as fall semester only, or spring semester only) are available as well. Please review the brochure for the full list of coverage options and costs.

Provider network

A list of preferred providers can be found by the using the "Find providers" tab on the United Health Care's VCU webpage.

Plan benefits

The following table provides a brief, high level overview of the VCU student health insurance plan. Please review the Certificate of Coverage for the complete plan benefits and talk to your eligibility coordinator to address any questions.

  In-network (preferred providers) Out-of-network providers
Deductible (the amount you pay for health care services before the insurance plan starts to pay) $200 per insured person each policy year $400 per insured person each policy year
Out-of-pocket maximum $7,350 per insured person each policy year ($14,700 for all insured in a family each policy year) No out-of-pocket maximum
Coinsurance Plan pays 80% of covered medical expenses (student pays 20%) Plan pays 50% of usual and customary charges for covered expenses (student pays 50%)
Prescription drugs (must be filled at an in-network pharmacy) $15 co-pay for Tier 1 prescription drugs
$60 co-pay for Tier 2 prescription drugs
25% coinsurance for Tier 3 prescription drugs
See description of drug tiers »
No benefits
Preventive care services (e.g., annual physicals, routine screenings, immunizations) 100% of preferred allowance No benefits
Physician's visits $25 co-pay, not subject to deductible $25 co-pay, not subject to deductible
Medical emergency $100 co-pay, not subject to deductible $100 co-pay, not subject to deductible
Outpatient mental illness/substance use disorder treatment $20 co-pay per office visit, 100% of preferred allowance (not subject to deductible) $20 co-pay per office visit, 70% of usual and customary charges (not subject to deductible)

Exclusions and limitations

The following list highlights a few areas that are excluded from this plan, meaning no benefits will be paid for related costs. To see the full list of exclusions, please review Section 12 of the Certificate of Coverage.

  • Dental treatment, except for as provided in the dental treatment benefit
  • Vision treatments such as routine eye examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses
  • Hearing examinations, hearing aids or other treatment for hearing loss
  • Acupuncture
  • Cosmetic procedures


A glossary of terms used in the health care plan can be found in Section 11: Definitions of the Certificate of Coverage.