2020 Undergraduate Research Poster Showcase

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to pivot from our annual VCU Poster Symposium for Undergraduate Research. The symposium typically hosts over 300 undergraduates who present their research endeavors each year. Despite the setback, we were fortunate to have digital avenues through which our students could share their scholarly work.

The digital poster showcase on this website displays the research projects conducted by students under the committed guidance of our faculty mentors. Below you will find a slideshow of research posters, a hyperlinked list of authors and projects, and an abstract book of included scholarly work. Additionally, we were able to archive our students’ research endeavors on VCU Scholars Compass.

While we want to congratulate the students who were able to share their work this year, it’s also important to acknowledge the research efforts of the many students and faculty who weren’t able to participate due to the pandemic. Their scholarly inquiry is no less vital than what you see here, and we look forward to a time when their work can be celebrated in the manner it deserves

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2020 Poster Showcase program

Learn more about these students and the work that went into the posters above in our 2020 Poster Showcase program.

2020 VCU Digital Archive for Undergraduate Research