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VCU Research Weeks

Building breakthroughs for a better tomorrow

VCU Research Weeks are an annual celebration of the innovative, ground-breaking work being done across our campus.

Discovering and sharing knowledge is at the heart of our research mission. At VCU and around the globe, research and creative expression illuminate society’s greatest challenges and provide insights and solutions to problems. VCU Research Weeks celebrates our impact and builds upon our culture of collaborative, transdisciplinary research.

At VCU, research is for everyone. Students, faculty, staff and trainees work together to address society's grand challenges. Our solutions are designed not only in laboratories, but in studios, classrooms, offices, the great outdoors, and beyond.

Join us as we expand VCU Research Weeks to showcase our UNstoppable pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and scholarship.

Complete information on the annual series of events is available at the Research Weeks website