A list of commonly asked questions regarding VCU's Global Student Success Program can be found below.

All students who are new to VCU need resources to help them navigate their new lives as college students. Some international students are faced with additional challenges of learning English as a second language, adapting to a new culture, and understanding a different education system. An international pathways program provides support in those areas while ensuring that those students are prepared to move seamlessly into the academic program of their choice. Pathways programs are essential in both recruiting and retaining international students at VCU.

The VCU GSSP will enhance the services offered by the Global Education Office. The international relationships and global network available through the Navitas partnership will increase international enrollments, enhance our global profile and ultimately yield financial returns.

The current ELP will not be affected by the GSSP. Our agreement with Navitas does not include ELP services. It will, however, increase the demand for ELP courses. The Office of Academic Affairs and the leadership of GEO are working together to determine any additional resources needed to prepare for this increased demand.

It is important for a wide range of reasons for VCU to increase its international student recruitment. We will continue to recruit international students through the mechanisms we currently employ; Navitas simply allows us to extend our reach effectively and efficiently while providing new students the support they need to be successful through their pathway program.

Navitas has more than two decades of experience establishing successful pathway programs around the world and was the first to launch such a program in North America, more than ten years ago. Their extensive global marketing and recruitment network across 50 countries also enables VCU to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of our student community. In addition to recruiting international students to attend the VCU-GSSP, Navitas will also recruit international students for direct entry into VCU (as well as into the English Language Program for those who are appropriately qualified.)

VCU sets all admissions criteria that Navitas uses to recruit and inform students.

The university and the faculty will retain oversight of all academic aspects of the program.

The VCU GSSP is currently scheduled to welcome its first cohort of students in fall 2019.

The VCU GSSP is located on the second floor of the Grace Street Center, within close proximity of existing international student programs and support services.

The agreement is for five years, after which we have an opportunity to assess its success. Success will be measured based on increases in international student recruitment, retention and completion.