Shared commitments and representation


The General Education Task Force shares:

  • Commitment to faculty governance
  • Commitment to the mission and aspirations of VCU
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary problem solving via disciplinary thinking
  • Commitment to transparent, sustainable and shared processes


The General Education Task Force is comprised of representatives from all academic units that offer undergraduate degrees. Membership includes:

College of Humanities & Sciences:
Jennifer A. Johnson, associate professor in sociology
Honors College: Faye Prichard, director of writing, assessment and evaluation

School of Engineering: Alen Docef, associate professor
School of Social Work: Allison K. Ryals, assistant professor in teaching
School of Business: Daniel P. Salandro, associate professor
School of Nursing: Genevieve Beaird, assistant professor
School of Allied Health Professions: Jeffrey S. Legg, associate professor
School of Dentistry: Joan M. Pellegrini, associate professor
Wilder School: John S. Mahoney, assistant dean for undergraduate affairs
(Alternate: Nicholas Garcia)
CHS: Joy W. Whitenack, associate professor, Department of Mathematics (Alternate: Angela Reynolds, associate professor, Department of Mathematics)
University College: Kristin Reed, associate professor
(Alternate: Shelli Fowler, interim dean, University College)
CHS, Leigh Ann Craig: associate professor, Department of History
CHS, Mikhail J. Valdman: associate professor, Department of Philosophy
CHS, Robert H. Gowdy: associate professor, Department of Physics
School of the Arts: Sara Wilson McKay, associate professor, Department of Art Education (Alternate: Paul Thulin, associate professor, Department of Photo & Film)