Standing GenEd30 committee representation recommendation

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The General Education Task Force recommends that the standing GenEd30 committee be comprised of the following voting members:

  • Four faculty representatives from the College of Humanities and Sciences, representing humanities, social sciences, sciences, and mathematical sciences, respectively
  • Two faculty representatives from University College
  • One faculty representative from the Honors College
  • One faculty representative from VCU Health Sciences
  • One faculty representative from the School of Education
  • One faculty representative from the College of Engineering
  • One faculty representative from the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
  • One faculty representative from the School of Business
  • One faculty representative from Life Sciences
  • One faculty representative from the School of the Arts
  • One faculty representative from Social Work

This representation is intended to be reflective both of the size of units and their participation in general education curricula. The committee is empowered to alter the balance of this representation by their own vote as needed in the future. Voting members shall be chosen by and serve at the pleasure of the deans of their units.

The committee shall also include the following non-voting members, in a consultative capacity:

  • One representative from University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC)
  • One representative from Assessment Council
  • One representative from University Academic Advising Board
  • One representative from the Office of Transfer
  • A representative from the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management
  • A student representative, selected by the Student Government Association
  • A representative from the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Two senior tenured faculty, one from the CHS and one from another unit shall chair the committee. Both shall be elected from the committee’s membership and shall retain voting rights on the committee.

One voting member of the standing GenEd30 committee shall serve as a non-voting delegate to UUCC.

Voting members will be elected by their peers and serve a three year term.

Convening the committee

The committee will be convened by the Provost. Initially, half of members of this committee will be members of the General Education Task Force to promote continuity and efficiency. The other half will be elected by their peers. New committee members will serve one, two or three to initiate the rotation process.