Below are list of commonly asked questions regarding the changes to the general education curriculum.

Task force recommendation: We recommend that all current general education courses be ‘grandfathered’ into the new framework under the guidance of departments and the new standing committee on general education.

We also recommend the new standing committee on general education, in consultation with the respective unit, review current general education courses and publish a template for how and when the units must come into compliance.

Task force recommendation: The provost will convene a new standing committee on general education curriculum in fall 2018. The task force recommends the curriculum committee be charged with all curriculum recommendations and policy development, revision and implementation related to the new GenEd30 framework.

Task force recommendation: The task force recommends that:

  • The new standing committee on general education be a university-level committee comprised of elected representatives from all units involved in undergraduate education
  • Elected representatives serve a three-year term
  • Half of the inaugural committee be comprised of members of the General Education Task Force, who serve staggered terms ranging from one to three years, for the sake of continuity
  • The other half of the inaugural committee be elected members from the remaining units. See the proposed governance section for a recommended list of representative units.

Task force recommendation: The task force recommends the new standing general education curriculum committee be convened by the start of fall 2018 and begin working with units to develop new courses as well as develop a process for approving the courses within the committee. Once a complete set of courses are developed and approved by the standing general education curriculum committee, the task force recommends the full framework and slate of courses be moved through the standard course approval processes across the units and in the provost's office.