FAQ for students and advisors

What will happen to students whose first term at VCU occurs before Fall 2021?
Students are subject to the regulations in the Bulletin in effect at the time they enter VCU, so students enrolled before Fall 2021 will continue to be required to complete the previous general education requirements. If students choose to transfer to a newer bulletin, then the newer rules would apply. Students should discuss their questions with their academic adviser.

Can a GenEd course fulfill a major requirement?
A course may not count as both a general education course and as a core course in a major. A core course in a major is one that is required for all students enrolled in the major, regardless of the particular track or concentration within the major they have chosen to complete. SCHEV requires that all students within a particular major have at least 25% of their major requirements (excluding general education) comprised of core major courses.

Will a student’s GenEd requirements change if they change majors?
No. The new GenEd program is designed to be portable, so that if a student changes majors they will not be required to take additional GenEd courses. Changing majors may, however, require a student to take additional courses if those added courses are required as prerequisites for upper-division courses in the major.

Will dual enrollment courses, courses taken elsewhere as a transfer student, or AP/IB/CLEP credit count toward GenEd requirements?
Dual enrollment courses, courses taken at other colleges and transferred into VCU, and AP/IB/CLEP credits will continue to count for GedEd and other course requirements, as specified by the course articulation tables. Visit the Transfer Center website for more information.

Can a single course fulfill multiple Areas of Inquiry?
No. Each course will be aligned with a single Area of Inquiry, although its content may link to multiple areas and skills.