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Applications currently closed

Submissions for new courses are currently closed. The General Education Curriculum Committee will notify units when new submissions will be accepted.

Instructions for applying for a new GenEd course

If you are interested in submitting a course for the new GenEd curriculum, first and foremost, please read the criteria and expectations of these courses. If you have questions, please contact us at

The following workflow describes the process for a course being approved as part of the new GenEd system:

  1. Unit representative submits an application to the GenEd Curriculum Committee using the online application form. (Please note: Submissions for new courses are currently closed.)
  2. The GenEd Curriculum Committee will evaluate the application and either approve, request information or changes, or deny the request (with an explanation as to why).
  3. Unit representative submits the course to CAT/CIM, either as a new course or as a modification of an existing course, as appropriate. The “GenEd” checkbox must be checked, along with some GenEd qualifiers (e.g., Area of Inquiry met) which will be specified to the unit as part of the approval process.
  4. The course goes through the standard CAT/CIM workflow for your unit, with an additional approval level for “GenEd” added after it leaves the School/College and before it reaches the UUCC.
  5. The GenEd leadership will approve it as part of this workflow. Generally this should be quick and perfunctory as the course has already been approved by the committee and just serves as a formal check to make sure that the information in the system matches what had been previously approved.