Senior vice provost for faculty affairs

Headshot for Gyspy Denzine

Gypsy Denzine joined the provost's office as the senior vice provost for faculty affairs in Aug. 2018.

Denzine and her team oversees the university’s promotion and tenure process, including providing tenure-eligible faculty with the tools to be successful in advancing their careers. The office develops and implements a universitywide mentorship program, strengthens professional development for department chairs and other academic leaders, oversees and develops faculty awards and completes other tasks associated with academic personnel issues.

An integral part of Denzine's provost office structure, the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention leads initiatives to promote the hiring and retention of outstanding and diverse faculty members; the development, implementation and interpretation of faculty policies; the promotion and tenure process; and academic leadership development programs.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence works to provide a robust array of developmental experiences that prepare faculty to create and facilitate effective and evidence-based instruction to promote student success. 

Dr. Denzine's team

Gypsy Denzine, Ph.D.
Senior vice provost for faculty affairs
(804) 828-6162

Jenn Arce
Program coordinator
(804) 828-6162

Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention

Timothy Davey, Ph.D.
Vice provost for faculty affairs
(804) 828-5948

Emily Avesian
Faculty search administrator
(804) 828-6827

Pamela Hendrix
Program coordinator
(804) 828-5948

Kate Tolson
Faculty recruitment and human resources administrator
(804) 828-3824

Amy Unger
Executive director
(804) 828-1484

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE)

Kim Case, Ph.D. 
Director of faculty success
(804) 827-2002

Tiffany Freitas
Program coordinator
(804) 828-1605