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VCU fully supports every member of our community, regardless of citizenship, national origin, race, ethnicity or religion. We are an internationally premier research university with a world-class medical center precisely because we attract the very best talent from more than 100 nations, scholars who are drawn to us because we work to advance the human experience everywhere. We pursue this mission boldly and embody our core values of diversity, inclusion and respect for all people. 

The menus below contain information for faculty and the university community regarding DACA as well as resources for faculty on inclusive classroom contexts, strategies, support and more. 

In a message to the VCU and VCU Health communities, President Rao reaffirmed Virginia Commonwealth University’s "unequivocal support of our DACA students." Resources are available to support members of the VCU community: 

Recent VCU statements

VCU Global Education Office (GEO)

  • Statement on the Presidential Executive Order affecting international students: In light of the recent U.S. Presidential Executive Order, the VCU Global Education Office is reaching out to students and scholars with personal, geographic or cultural ties to affected areas and to anyone with concerns. Click here to read the full statement and view available resources/FAQs
  • Regardless of country of citizenship, VCU international students, scholars and faculty with concerns about immigration status (especially in connection with upcoming travel outside the U.S.) should contact Immigration Advising at (804) 828-8471 or by email at 

VCU Division of Student Affairs

  • The Division of Student Affairs has compiled resources for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students at VCU, which includes university and community links and services. Click here to view DACA resources.

VCU Division for Inclusive Excellence

  • The Division for Inclusive Excellence focuses on nurturing a dynamic environment in which people of all life experiences and cultural backgrounds are valued and supported. Click here to view available resources

Inclusive classrooms

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Recent news, updates and resources

  • Managing controversial classroom topics (Fall 2017): This PDF offers resources for building and maintaining safe and inclusive learning environments, university-level contacts, group norms, and resources specific to the Charlottesville rallies on August 11-12, 2017.