Updating Banner

It is important for the information on faculty to be current in Banner at all times. This information is critical to ensure accurate reporting and information retrieval. PAs should ensure that data on faculty is accurate and complete including rank, tenure status data, working titles (if applicable), administrative levels (if applicable), contact information, etc. PAs should periodically check information in Banner by either reviewing the information directly in Banner or reviewing the reports available in the PA folder in the VCU Reporting Center.

In addition, PAs are responsible for entering rank, tenure status and working title, if applicable, in the PEAFACT form in Banner when faculty are hired or when there is a change in status (e.g., P&T change, title change, etc.).

PAs may also be required to enter affiliate faculty into HR's Affiliate Database (see link to affiliate user guide below). Below is a checklist of the information in Banner that PAs should be periodically reviewing and/or updating.

Reviewing/Updating Faculty Information in Banner