Faculty Overloads

Overload jobs are essentially secondary work assignments for faculty. The overload job request forms should be used when the additional work assignments are related to the faculty member's primary job. If the duties are unrelated, departments must recruit for the job. In general, nine (9) and ten (10) month faculty cannot hold an overload job (secondary assignment) during the course of the academic year. Nine (9) and ten (10) month faculty are permitted to have summer appointments. The total compensation from all overload jobs during the academic year and summer may not exceed 33.33 percent of the faculty member's 9/10-month contractual salary (example, Aug. 16 to the following Aug. 15). Faculty with primary appointments supported by grant/contract funding are not permitted to have overload jobs regardless of the source of funding. Twelve-month faculty are not routinely permitted to hold "overload" jobs, but may be permitted to teach during the academic year if certain conditions are met as outlined in the Overload Jobs Policy.

The PAs are responsible for ensuring that faculty comply with the applicable Overload Jobs Policy by ensuring that all overload jobs are requested and approved using the applicable Overload Job Request form. There is one form for faculty (benefitted) and one for employees with a primary adjunct job. PAs should ensure that all overload jobs are within the salary limits as noted above and in compliance with the overload policy. The PAs should submit all Overload Job Request forms to the respective VP.  For areas under the Provost, overload jobs should be sent to the HR Administrator in the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention (OFRR) for approval prior to processing by HR. Overload jobs for summer and intersession instruction do not require a VP approval.

The PAs should also be familiar with the policy on Outside Professional Activity, which is for faculty engaged in activities outside of VCU to persons or organizations external to the university, without university sponsorship, for the purpose of advancing, applying or transferring knowledge in a field of endeavor related to the faculty member's employment at the university. Such activity is beyond or in addition to the faculty member's university responsibilities; it generally occurs off-campus and requires only the time and special capabilities of the individual, without significant use of university facilities or supporting services.

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