Contract Templates

Personnel administrators are responsible for preparing and issuing new contracts and contract renewals to their respective faculty. Faculty contract renewals are typically mailed in May (for 9/10-month faculty) and in June (for 12-month faculty) in accordance with the university's Faculty Salary Administration and Bonus Award Calendar. PAs are provided with contract templates and a "Terms and Conditions" document by the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, which accompany all faculty contracts. Below are specific instructions for faculty contract renewals, contract templates, faculty salary increase and bonus award authorizations, and procedures for processing adjunct contract renewals.

Teaching and Research, Administrative, and Professional Faculty

2017-2018 Standard Contract Templates for T&R and A&P Faculty:

2017-2018 Contract Templates for Faculty Receiving Merit and/or Bonus Award:

Adjunct Faculty

Summer and Intersession Contracts