Adjunct instructional resources

Banner Access
Banner is the classroom management and administration software for VCU faculty to obtain class rosters, submit midterm and final grades, review faculty schedules, and look up additional student information. Your respective department will grant you access to it. Accessing Banner is done through eServices under the “Faculty Services” tab.

Blackboard the classroom management and administration software for VCU faculty and students. Through Blackboard, you will be able to post course documents and materials, initiate discussion threads, accept course assignments, and post assignment grades. Your respective department will grant you access to it. Please visit VCU Technology Services for help and tips.

Textbooks and desk copies
The official VCU policy regarding textbooks may be found here.

Syllabus information
Required syllabus statements and templates are available each semester.

Information regarding grades and grading at VCU may be found in the VCU Bulletin. Additionally, grades are submitted through Banner, where faculty will also find student rosters, information and other valuable resources.

Library services
The VCU Library offers many valuable resources and services for faculty which may be used for instruction or research. Please visit their webpage for a full listing and description of their services.

For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, please visit VCU Records and Registration or the VCU Bulletin.

Student Services
The VCU Division of Strategic Enrollment provides the Student Services Center, where students may find information on student accounting, financial aid, and other services regarding their enrollment with the university. More information may be found here.

Useful Publications
Chronicle of Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed
Research in Higher Education
The Review of Higher Education
The Internet and Higher Education
The Journal of Higher Education
Teaching in Higher Education
Innovative Higher Education
Innovative Practice in Higher Education
Academic Exchange Quarterly
College Teaching
Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Journal of Excellence in College Teaching

Teaching Resources
Principles and Frameworks
Pedagogies and Strategies
Reflecting and Assessing
Challenges and Opportunities
Populations and Contexts
Diversity and Inclusion
Teaching with Technology 
Other Resources