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Work/Life Balance and the VCU Child Development Center

Provost updates

Author: Office of the Provost

After a well-deserved winter break it is always nice to get back into the swing of a new academic semester. Our work in the academy is truly rewarding and something for which we can all be proud. But it is also demanding. It is all too common, particularly for teaching and research faculty working toward promotion and tenure, to lose focus of an appropriate work/life balance. Luckily, VCU Human Resources and VCU Faculty Affairs continue to enhance opportunities for employees in juggling career and home responsibilities. Please take time to peruse their websites.

Along those lines we are very excited to announce new opportunities for VCU faculty, staff and students to enroll their children in the VCU Child Development Center (CDC). Under the guidance of the VCU School of Education (SOE), the CDC is a full-day program for children aged 12 months – 5 years that provides both high-quality care and education, while serving as a learning lab for student pre-service experiences, faculty research, and community outreach. Thomas Beatty, Ed.D., assistant professor in the SOE Department of Educational Leadership, has recently been named interim director of the CDC and, along with SOE Dean Andrew Daire, is actively seeking to expand VCU community involvement. If you would like more information or to schedule a tour, call the CDC at (804) 828-7377. 


Click here to download the VCU Child Development Center postcard [PDF]

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