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President's Message on VCU Core Values

Provost updates

Author: Office of the Provost

In a recent message to the VCU and VCU Health communities, President Rao reaffirmed Virginia Commonwealth University’s "commitment to the long-standing core values and principles of equity, inclusion and fairness that define, guide and unite us." 

The message, distributed Feb. 23, 2017, also addresses the VCU community of scholars and academic freedoms. As stated by President Rao and reaffirmed by the Office of the Provost, "at VCU, you can always conceive what’s new, create what’s beautiful and do what’s difficult. In fact, it is your charge." 

Click here to read the full message.

Additionally, the Divison of Student Affairs has compiled Resources for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Students at VCU, which includes university and community links and services. 

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