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Feb 10, 2017

Write on Site Announces Expanded Spring Schedule

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Author: Office of the Provost

This week’s Provost Update highlights Write on Site, an exciting initiative from the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Write on Site provides a designated space and time for VCU faculty members to research and write in a supportive, distraction-free environment. The program, developed by Cristina Stanciu, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of English, began in September 2016. Stanciu worked closely with senior vice provost for faculty affairs, Kathy Bassard, Ph.D., Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence director Enoch Hale, Ph.D. and other faculty fellows to organize the program as an inclusive resource for faculty on both campuses. 

Cristina Stanciu VCU“Feedback we have received so far suggests faculty feel less isolated and more productive during Write on Site sessions. We support them as part of the greater faculty community and enjoy the group’s emerging informal peer support system.” - Cristina Stanciu, Ph.D.

Write on Site’s interdisciplinary connections and opportunities for collaboration will continue growing in 2017 with new sessions added on both campuses. Department of Pharmacotherapy graduate program director, MaryPeace McRae, Pharm.D., Ph.D., organized the upcoming MCV Campus sessions. McRae and Stanciu are both faculty fellows in the Office of Faculty Affairs. 

MaryPeace McRae VCU“This is the first semester that Write on Site has been organized for the MCV Campus. Several faculty members voiced their desire to have availability on both campuses, so we decided to hold the sessions on alternating weeks to increase the opportunity for as many people as possible.” - MaryPeace McRae, Pharm.D., Ph.D.‌

The spring Write on Site schedule for both campuses is available here. Faculty members are encouraged to stop by at any time during the open sessions to enjoy a quiet, comfortable atmosphere for writing, research and collaboration.

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