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Apr 8, 2016

Provost Weekly Update: April 8, 2016

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Author: Gail Hackett, Ph.D.

Faculty, staff, retiree campaign kickoff from VCU Alumni on Vimeo.

The topic of this week’s update is the faculty, staff and retiree fundraising campaign.

If you haven’t already, I hope you have had a chance to catch this video starring President Rao, Vice President Rappley and yours truly! Making the video was both fun and inspiring – I remain so proud to work with leaders who truly care about our faculty, staff, students and patients and I’m excited as VCU takes this important step.

“Make giving real” is much more than a marketing statement to raise funds. As members of the Virginia Commonwealth University community, every one of us has seen a student or patient whose life has been forever transformed by knowledge, care and available advantages. These advantages are made possible by the help from outside philanthropy.

VCU and VCU Health launched a fundraising campaign April 4 to encourage faculty, staff and retirees to invest in our future with a gift to support the university. The campaign runs through May 15. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference and every VCU and VCU Health team member is encouraged to participate. Best of all, you can designate your gift any way you want, to any fund, school, unit, scholarship and more.

Faculty, staff and retiree campaigns are the norm at many universities. The most recent at VCU was held in 1999. The success of the campaign will be measured by how many faculty, staff members and retirees make a gift, not by the amount of money raised.

As we approach the launch of a multiyear, comprehensive fundraising campaign later this year, it’s important that our VCU family demonstrate to alumni and friends that the university is one of the best possible investments for anyone’s philanthropic support.
Please join me in this important endeavor. Learn more about the campaign online.

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