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Jul 27, 2017

Faculty Members Selected for National Program


By: Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs is pleased to introduce the VCU faculty members selected to participate in the Faculty Success Program by the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity this fall.

The Faculty Success Program focuses on increasing research productivity, time control, and helping faculty to live a full and healthy life beyond the campus. As the NCFDD's signature initiative, the program is for tenure-track and tenured faculty who are looking for the perfect combination of empirically-tested methods to improve research productivity through intense accountability, coaching and peer support and to propel their work-life balance and personal growth to a whole new level.

Meet VCU’s participants in the upcoming Faculty Success Program, below.

Lisa Abrams VCULisa Abrams, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Department of Foundations of Education, School of Education

"I am most excited about the opportunity to critically evaluate the current strategies I use to accomplish scholarly tasks and meet teaching and service responsibilities, and to develop new ways to structure my work. Similar to other attendees, I am looking forward to sharing what I will learn with my mid-career colleagues who, like me, are challenged with balancing increased demands at home and at work."

Bee Coston VCUBethany (bee) Coston, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, College of Humanities and Sciences

"Just over a year and a half ago, I transitioned from a visiting position at a liberal arts college with a 4-4 teaching load to the tenure stream here at VCU. The Faculty Success Program will teach me the skills necessary to prioritize my research, while simultaneously introducing me to an extended mentoring and community network to keep me enthused and productive long after the program ends!"

EastmanCarolyn Eastman, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Department of History, College of Humanities and Sciences

"As a mid-career scholar, I've seen how many people at this stage get burned out by a combination of too many years working at full tilt, plus the increasing demands of service and family. I'm looking forward to a program that helps faculty navigate those demands, and most of all I'm looking forward to passing the advice along to all the members of my department who feel exhausted."

GhadikolaeiSamaneh Oladi‌ Ghadikolaei, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, School of World Studies

"I hope to take part in the Faculty Success Program in order to interact with scholars who have successfully reconciled the realities of academia with the challenges of being a member of underrepresented group. The professional training opportunities offered by the NCFDD program would be an indispensable resource for junior faculty seeking skills and strategies needed to facilitate promotion to tenured status."

HowellKathryn Howell, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

"What I hope to gain from the Faculty Success Program is to learn how to take the risks that may not yield immediate results. Unfortunately, taking risks in community-engaged research, writing and teaching requires additional community partnerships, literature review, course preparation and faculty collaborations that I have not be able to take time to do. I would like to learn how to manage my time better to balance the various needs of the present with the long-term goals for the future."

SaboRoy Sabo, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Department of Biostatistics, School of Medicine

"My goal for the FSP is to strategize how to get over the “mid-career hump,” with an objective of developing a network of quantitative scholars interested in advancing and improving graduate biostatistical education. I also eagerly anticipate returning to a collaborative learning environment."