Fellowship Extension Application

ATTENTION: This is the extension application form to be used by Fellows who wish to extend their Fellowship beyond two semesters. 

Your application must include a narrative as described below. Please have the narrative ready for upload as a single PDF before filling out the application. The PDF will be requested for upload at the bottom of the application.

1. Narrative

Outline goals for your extension as a Faculty Fellow in the following three areas. Narratives are to be 11 or 12-point font, single-spaced (double space between paragraphs); maximum of 5 pages for narrative. Narratives will be uploaded on online application form (below). 

Area 1: Description of your accomplishments during your semester(s) as a Fellow.

Area 2: Articulation of your Fellowship goals for your extension, particularly as these relate to your experiences during your previous time as a Fellow.

Area 3: Reflection on the knowledge and skills learned as a result of your Fellowship (i.e., professional development). 

2. Online Application Form:

 Click below to access the online Fellowship Extension Application. The form must be completed in its entirety before submitting. 

FELLOWSHIP EXTENSION APPLICATION (Applications are now closed and materials are under review) 

Online application requires valid VCU eID. If you do not know your eID, click here.

Questions? Please email provost@vcu.edu with "Faculty Fellow" in the subject line.