The Office of the Provost convenes a number of academic-focused committees to assess university practices, look at national trends, and offer targeted recommendation for improvement.

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Standing committees

The Associates Forum for undergraduate, graduate, and first professional education is comprised of representatives from dean’s offices and select academic centers across VCU. The committee ensures the academic units are represented in discussions advancing the academic strategic priorities of the university by building consensus, creating connections and leveraging opportunities. The forum also serves as a conduit for implementing policy and practice, and strengthens our collective efforts through problem-solving and discourse.

A subcommittee of the associate' forum, the assessment council is charged with fulfilling the goals of academic assessment at VCU. This includes fostering, supporting and coordinating:

  • A culture of assessment that embodies continuous improvement
  • Academic quality that is intentional and demonstrated through rigorous processes and measured outcomes
  • Academic programs using assessment findings to maintain and enhance student learning

This committee assists the university in establishing its academic calendars.

Made up of representatives from the Office of the Provost, academic units and select academic centers, the Academic Regulations Committee provides guidance and oversight of the academic regulations governing the undergraduate, graduate and first-professional education at VCU. This committee ensures the regulations of VCU's academic programs are current and relevant, that they meet the needs of academic units, and clearly state responsibilities and expectations for students. It also offers recommendations to remedy any identified inconsistencies, serving as a conduit between policy and practice.

This committee considers petitions from undergraduate students appealing any regulation in the Academic Regulations section of the bulletin.

A universal petition form is under development.

The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is responsible for course and program issues that affect undergraduate instructional programs of the university. The UUCC meets monthly during the academic year and reviews, approves or denies proposals for new courses and programs, as well as changes in existing programs. It also is responsible for facilitating implementation of strategic initiatives related to undergraduate curriculum.

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The university graduate council is the representative body of the faculty of the Graduate School at VCU and serves to promote excellence in all graduate programs. While the council performs the functions of review and coordination, departments and schools are responsible for supporting and managing their own graduate programs.

Ad-hoc committees

This committee oversees the policies and processes regarding substitutions among Tier II courses, offering recommendations for improvement, clarity and consistency.