Program development and approval processes

The process for developing new degree proposals and certificate programs, modifying programs of study, and making organizational changes in academic units has been updated. These streamlined processes reinforce VCU’s commitment to academic integrity while maximizing efficiency for proposal development and approval.

The provost's office provides support and guidance for developing proposals and directing them through VCU’s review and approval processes. These processes include priority setting, formal vetting of the proposed change, full proposal development guidelines and interfacing with other internal stakeholders and programs. 

Developing and submitting a proposal at VCU is typically a six-phase process:

  1. Intake and screening
  2. Pre-proposal development and approval
  3. Full proposal development and approval
  4. Full proposal review and approval through VCU’s Board of Visitors
  5. Proposal submission to SCHEV and SACSCOC for notification or approval
  6. Program initiation

For more information or to start planning and preparing a proposal for a degree program or an organizational change, contact