Quality Enhancement Plan

All members of SACSCOC must submit a Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, as part of its reaffirmation process. At its core, the QEP engages the university's academic community to create a focused plan of action that:

  • Identifies key issues and focus areas emerging from institutional assessment
  • Can be realistically implemented at the university within a reasonable time frame
  • Enhances student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning
  • Is consistent with the institution's mission and strategic plan

The centerpiece to VCU's most recent QEP, completed during its latest 10-year reaffirmation process, is a cultural commitment to generalizable education — learning that expands beyond any particular course or degree to create a lasting impact.

To that end, the university's QEP, “Learning That Matters: Building a Culture of Generalizable Education,” set about identifying the specific elements required to build this culture. The QEP focuses on two desired learning outcomes: integrative thinking and digital fluency. Please see the executive summary for additional detail and background. 

With its focus on meaningful, impactful learning experiences that transcend disciplines, the QEP aligns strongly with VCU's overall mission, which emphasizes an inclusive, interdisciplinary and learner-centered environment.