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1. What is CAT?

2. What is CIM?

3. Why did we select CIM?

4. Have the proposal forms been updated? 

5. How do I get started and which browsers are supported?

6. Are there any known browser issues when using CIM? 

7. What are the default workflow levels for courses? 

8. What are the default workflow levels for programs? 

9. Who is in the workflow roles for my program, department or school/college? 

10. How do I submit a role change request for the system? 

11. I couldn't attend a CAT/CIM training session. Will resources and videos be made available? 

12. I forgot or didn't save the links to propose/edit courses, programs, or to correct CIM codes.

1. VCU’s implementation of the CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) component for the VCU Bulletins started in spring 2015. The new bulletin successfully launched in the summer of 2015. The software provides the ability to make the bulletin more interactive and user-focused, as well as:

  • A back-end database for the bulletin, allowing a workflow process for contributors
  • Enhanced design
  • Streamlined navigation and efficient updates

2. The CourseLeaf Curriculum Inventory Management, or CIM (pronounced “kim”), module will move VCU to a paperless course and curriculum management system by creating a dynamic workflow for appropriate levels of approval for each type of curricular action.

CIM provides:

  • A centralized electronic information source for all bulletin and curriculum activities
  • A workflow to ensure levels of approval are met for all bulletin and curriculum activities
  • Real-time status updates for all curricular activity for all institutional faculty and staff, increasing transparency
  • Integration with Banner and the Degree Works systems already on campus

3. CIM is a curriculum inventory management system. It uses online forms for course and program proposals along with pre-defined workflow for review and approvals providing a standardized sequence of steps for all proposals to follow. It is the next step for VCU Bulletins and is coming soon. CIM integrates with our existing bulletin product CAT. CIM provides a new way to submit, review and approve course and program proposals from their inception all the way to their inactivation or retirement. CIM brings the following benefits to the VCU community:

  • Everything is managed and tracked online
  • Forms are VCU-specific collecting the key required information needed for academic integrity
  • Forms and approvals are easy-to-use with help and tips to get you on your way
  • Easily track where any proposal is in its workflow status
  • Quickly see what changes have been approved with colored markup and who has made them
  • Data integrity is maintained within the proposal forms by having them match the data within Banner
  • Reports can be easily created for committee meetings
  • Course changes and pertinent program information is flagged and updated in the bulletin itself

4. Course and program proposal forms have been updated and replace the paper forms used previously. 

Course proposal form: Click here to view a sample of the new online course proposal form that will be used beginning fall 2016. The form is based upon the paper forms used previously. Once approved through the workflow, the information provided in the form will be used to update or create the course in Banner and the Bulletin course list.

Program proposal form: Click here to view a sample of the new online program proposal form that will be used beginning fall 2016. The form is based upon the paper forms used previously. Once approved through the workflow, the information provided in the form will be used to update programs in CIM and push key information (learning outcomes, degree requirements, plan of study and program admission requirements) into the Bulletin.

5. CourseLeaf CAT/CIM products use an internet browser to display and allow for edits. The vendor supports the latest versions, including compatibility mode, of:

  • Internet Explorer (8, 9, 10 and 11)
  • Mozilla Firefox (versions 10+)
  • Google Chrome (versions 20+)
  • Apple Safari (versions 5+)

Uploading files within CIM requires Adobe Flash Player version 10.

6. You receive an error message on CIM forms indicating that "Uploading files requires Adobe Flash 10." You can proceed with inputting your data into the forms, but you will not be able to submit attachments with your proposal until Adobe Flash is installed.

7. The flowchart below shows the default workflow levels for courses.

Course Proposal Workflow

8. The flowchart below shows the default workflow levels for programs.

Program proposal workflow

9. The workflows for courses and programs can be previewed within the proposals themselves by following these steps:

  • For each subject code and program under it, users can search:
    • Courses (example: search courses containing math as *math*)
    • Programs (example: search programs containing math as *math*)
  • Click on the one of the search results found. To the right side of the form, look for the Preview workflow button.
  • Click here to view the "CIM Preview Workflow" training video. Note: videos and other training materials are VCU CAS protected and require a valid VCU eID and password to view. 

10. Have your department chair submit the request to with the role(s) you want changed along with the person’s name and eID.

11. Yes, videos and resources from CAT and CIM training are now available. For security purposes and to meet vendor requirements, videos and resources from training are VCU CAS protected. Users must authenticate with a valid VCU eID and password to view the content. Click here to view videos and resources.

12. See below for links to propose or edit new or existing courses and programs, or to request a CIM code change.