Assessment quality review (AQR)

The Assessment quality review (AQR) is a process that supports academic integrity at Virginia Commonwealth University. The (AQR), an evidence-based review of 14 quality criteria of a degree or certificate program's assessment plan and practices, promotes keeping assessment practices timely and useful.

Each of the 14 points is rated on the following scale:

  • 0 = Does Not Meet Quality Criteria
  • 1 = Partially Meets Quality Criteria
  • 2 = Meets Quality Criteria

The 14 criteria that the AQR comprises are organized under three overarching values and five standards. Taken together, these values, standards, and criteria provide a framework for high quality assessment of student learning.

  • Values:
    • Transparency
    • Integrity
    • Efficacy
  • Standards:
    • Mission Statement
    • Goals and Expected Outcomes for Student Learning
    • Curriculum
    • Assessment Processes
    • Improving Student Learning

Evidence of meeting the criteria for quality assessment is available, for the most part, in the assessment plans, findings and action plans in VCU’s assessment management system, WEAVE.

Schedules, calendars, guidelines, and reporting templates are available on these webpages.

AQR documents/information

Introduction and background

Schedules and events

Reporting template and tools

Assessment references