Update on VCU’s Planning, Accreditation, and Assessment System (PAAS)

VCU has contracted with Taskstream for a suite of platforms and applications to support student learning outcomes assessment, accreditation, program review, faculty credentialing, and strategic planning.

The centerpiece of PAAS are applications that support the management of student learning outcomes assessment. During the 2018-19 academic year, VCU will be phasing in a replacement for WEAVE and piloting additional applications to support assessment, student learning, and student success.

    • Taskstream’s platform for learning outcomes assessment will replace WEAVE. Early adopters will pilot the new application fall 2018. A comprehensive implementation of Taskstream’s assessment management system will take place during spring 2019.
    • Taskstream’s e-portfolio platform can be deployed to manage course-embedded assessment, to foster and document student learning in high impact practices, and to support student success. Early adopters will be piloted during the 2018-19 academic year.
    • Taskstream’s Aqua platform supports large-scale, direct assessment at the program and institutional levels. Aqua makes possible the management of collecting, assessing, and analyzing student work collected from multiple locations. Aqua projects will be piloted in spring 2019.


Contact Dr. Scott Oates, Director, Academic Integrity and Assessment at (804) 828-9124 or