VCU Faculty Members Selected for Spring 2019 Faculty Success Program

Recently the VCU Office of the Provost selected five faculty members to participate in the spring 2019 Faculty Success Program.

Recently the VCU Office of the Provost selected five faculty members to participate in the spring cohort of the Faculty Success Program from the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. The Faculty Success Program helps faculty members learn the secrets to increasing research productivity, getting control of their time, and living a full and healthy life beyond their campus. 

Learn more about the spring 2019 VCU cohort below. More information about applying for summer 2019 will be posted soon on the Office of the Provost website and sent out via VCU TelegRAM. 

Michael Dickinson, VCU Department of History

Michael Dickinson, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of History, College of Humanities and Sciences 

"I am extremely enthusiastic about participating in Faculty Success Program! After hearing numerous colleagues both inside and outside of VCU speak so highly of the program, I was certainly excited to enroll. I hope to benefit from FSP's emphasis on peer mentorship, scholarly productivity, and work-life balance. I am deeply grateful to the Office of the Provost for providing access to this invaluable opportunity."

Laleh Golshahi VCU

Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, College of Engineering

"I’m going up for tenure and promotion in a year and at the same time adjusting to a new life style as a first-time mom. I’m excited for the opportunity that the FSP program provides to help me increase my productivity tremendously and accomplish more in a given time while maintaining a healthy work-life balance."

Anika Hines VCU

Anika L. Hines, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Health Behavior and Policy, School of Medicine

"The Faculty Success Program will provide me with the skills that I need to become a more productive writer and teach me to manage my academic roles through strategic planning. Moreover, the program emphasizes work/life balance and will aid me in creating a clear path for both my personal and professional development. I look forward to connecting with scholars across the country and to building long-lasting relationships and collaborations."

Gabriela León-Pérez VCU

Gabriela León-Pérez, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Sociology, College of Humanities and Sciences

"As a new faculty, I am excited to learn core competencies that will support me through the tenure-track and beyond. I am especially looking forward to learn how to sustain a daily writing practice and navigate the complex demands of the academy, while at the same time achieving work-life balance."

Teresa Salgado VCU

Teresa Salgado, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science, School of Pharmacy

"The Faculty Success Program represents a unique opportunity to hit the pause button and to define a clear strategy for my promotion and tenure process, but also, and perhaps most importantly, to learn how to balance the demands of work and family life in a structured, mentored way. I look forward to learning more about productivity tools and to developing a strategic plan for my research, and incorporate those lessons into my daily life."